A good experience – flight with Emirates Airline

Capture 01.JPGI am the fan of Cathay Pacific originally because I flight by Cathay Pacific since I was young, that’s my childhood memory. Also, I would like to earn the point of Asiamiles for the redeem the free flight ticket too. The impression of Cathay Pacific had nice food and crew, it provided the good services during the flight and memory. However, the recent years are getting worst. Most of the foods are bad and some of the crew are unfriendly, the management are messy (that’s I read form the news). I flight with Cathay Pacific for the purpose of earn the Asiamiles. My little boy travel around with me since 11 months, we flight with Cathay Pacific mostly because of the habit. We planned to go to Bangkok on June, 2017 and I found out Emirates Airline had a low fare promotion and flight with the A380 plane. The flight schedule is not good from Hong Kong to Bangkok, the flight lands at 11:50pm, but we make the decision to flight with Emirates.

This is the first time flight with Emirates, I believe you will love this airline if you travel with your little boy or girl. After we on board, the crew were keep smiling and chatted with the children. A lot of the gifts for the children and the child meal goes with a lot of snacks. My boy said ‘Mum, I want to get on this plane next time when we travel.‘ The child marketing is very successful and those little things make the children so happy. Here are the gifts that we got from one way, we got another set of the gifts when we return to Hong Kong. The little tiger comes with a blanket, it’s not just a stuffed toy. Those books have a lot of information that you can use as teaching materiel. All the gifts can be use in the future and not just throw it away after they played.

For the adult, those little things made the passengers have a convenience time on the flight. A set of help stickers come with the headphones, passengers show their stickers for deliver the message to the crew. The headphones are using the very good quality material with nice sound effects. A lot of popular movies found from their channel. A menu provided to the passengers about the food and drinks, at least you know what are you going to eat and the food was yummy as well. I just don’t like the bread in cold, if they can reheat the beard, it will be prefect.

I am definitely will travel with Emirates Airline in the future, I hope we can get the low fare again. Here is the link of Emirates Airline, go ahead to browse the plant A380. I believe you will interesting to travel with Emirates, too.


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Recycle the soap is helping the developing country

I read the news of the recycle soap for the developing country from, I thought it is disgusting and I don’t understand why the soap can recycle or reuse at the beginning. After I read more the news, I understand that the soap recycling is not disgusting and it can help a lot of the people in the developing country. Most of the diseases can avoid by washing hands with soap.

David Bishop established the Nonprofit Organization – Soaprecycling ( in 2011 who is the is a senior lecturer at Hong Kong University. Soaprecycling collected the soap from the hotel which is new or slightly used. the volunteers sort out the brand new soap and used soap, then the volunteers scrape the used soap to maintain the soap hygiene. After that the soap will be reshape and repacking. The soap deliver to the developing country finally.

A soap can save a life – soaprecycling mentioned thousands of children die from diseases simply by washing with soap.  Around 6 million Children die before 5 years old because by diseases every year. If they can wash their hands by soap before they eat , it save at least 50%. After I read the news from, I tried to search more information about the recycle soap, the result showed the recycle soap is not a new idea and it has been working by some non government organizations since many years.

Clean The World is another soap recycle Nonprofit Organization, Shawn Seipler (the founder of Clean The World) mentioned the soap throw away after the room has been rented even the soap is new – this is the rule of the hotel. The recycle soap is win-win method to help the reduce the wastage and helping the people in the developing country.



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Jollibee – This News is so touching! Good Job Jollibee!

13One man posted a father’s love message by social media, the post is regarding a family went to Jullibee, the father didn’t buy any food for himself and just looked at his daughters while they are eating the food. After the post circulated awhile, Jullibee invited this family and give them the food for free. This action maybe didn’t cause them spend or less any profit as a restaurant always prepare the food more than the sale. You may think this action just like an advertisement. However, Jullibee brought this family to the supermarket and let this family purchase the daily commodities. This is the extra money of their daily operation. Jubillbee also prepare a birthday party and gifts for his daughters. The father cried……


Parents love don’t has any limit, it can be wide and tolerate whatever rich or not. I love my family and I know I am lucky because my family live in a prosperously city. Although the Hong Konger live in a well-developed city, I hope we can care the reality social cause.

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I promise I will eat in Jollibee when I visit Philippine next time. The news is so touching, it’s not regarding profit, I can feel the love from Jollibee, the society needs this kind of businessmen. The public need the truth Cooperate Social Responsibility.


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The Body Shop is being more Green

12The Body Shop works on the sustainability many years, many products are using the fair prices ingredients. Their commitments are enrich the people, products and planet. The Body Shop pioneered fair trade in beauty products and became the member of Ethical Trading initiative. The Body shop inception in 1989, we’ve donated over £24 million to approximately 2,700 groups across the world. Their goal is same as the other companies by 2020, they hope they can help 40k economically vulnerable people access work around the world.

The Body Shop works on the Social Responsibility deep and wide. The innovation keeps upgrade their Green strategy. I received the email by The Body Shop today, the will start the digital membership card system, customers just download their app and enjoy the member discount. That is the win-win strategy, The Body Shop can realize their promotion by the app to the customer easily. Once the customers want to buy anything, they will look around the app to found the promotion and even more powerful than the e-mail. On the other hands, customers don’t need to carry many member card when they want to buy something, the chance of the customer visit increased. It also can save the paper and plastic member card.

Cause-related marketing is very important nowadays, it can be the win-win case for many parties.

The Earth Need Your Cooperation. Thank You The Body Shop!




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UNIQLO Lifewear

UNIQLO is realizing the fast fashion influences the environment and public should be introspection their wear attitude to save the earth. UNIQLO decided to educated the Hong Konger of the Lifewear idea, it created a short video LifeWear for Hong Kong by in 2017. The video shows the quality and function of their products, it inspires the innovation lifestyle of Hong Konger.

The video based on the Hong Konger lifestyle, UNIQLO hopes the video can show the importance of the product’s function and the simply design with the high quality standard. The video invited a few Hong Konger to present the Lifewear collection who are from different background and lifestyle.

Prehaps, it’s a marketing strategy but cause-related marketing can be a communicate tool for educate the public. It wroth than just a usual marketing by artist or advertisement in the street. Hope this can help our earth and future generations.

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You can fin more information by Uniqlo’s website:

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Michelin should update their ranking standard with sustainability

I went to Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong) for an hour relaxing facial treatment yesterday. I tried to find a restaurant for my lunch before my treatment…I decided to entry a restaurant because I saw the Michelin Guide Recommended Street Food. After I ordered my meal and exciting of the food. I was shocking when the food delivered in front of me (See photo above)… “I am not eating takeaway, why the restaurant is using the paper cup and styrofoam to serve the meal to me?”

Business is important, you can save the headcount for wash those tableware. Yes, the salary is high in Hong Kong. Yes, disposable products cause less expense. However, the earth is even more important – We only have one Earth“. Can the business consider to use the zero-waste disposable products to serve their food? Like the UBPack products, it is a biodegradable starch-based metariel and it can be decomposition by the water in 7 days, it may more expensive than the usual disposable products. The earth has a serious problem nowadays, I hope Michelin ranking can be considering increase the sustainability elements to educate the public.






What are you eating truthfully?


My son loves bread and cake very much, I use to buy the bread for him as the snack. I thought bread should be heathy because those should make by the nature ingredients. I also thought the bread should be trustful from the branded bakery.

Oh my god, when I looked at the ingredients, a lot of the non nature ingredients can be found from the details. I thought What am I eating? What did you buy for your sweet heart? I believe that is the reason caused many children got the allergy in Hong Kong, 1 of 5 child has the allergy in Hong Kong when they were new born. Those mums were eating bread as their breakfast in Hong Kong, this is the Hong Kong usual style for those working mum to be, especially 90% women are working during they are pregnant.

Food additives play an important role in food industry in ensuring food safety, enhancing stability and taste, improving colour and appearance, and prolonging storage life to minimise food wastage. ” Centre for Food Safety, 2017. Prehaps, those food additives are important for the cooking proceed more stable and . I prefer the food ingredients can back to natural.

I recommdand all parents look at the ingredients before you make the decision to buy for your children, less Numbers should be less Food additives Or try to find a bakery in who mentioned NO Food Additives.

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