About Me

I have a little boy turns 3 years old who has food allergies causing eczema. I am a traditional Hong Konger who love the Chinese traditional festival.  After I became a mom, I understand how important of the sustainability especially when I see many babies have allergies and eczema in Hong Kong. Is the world going to extinct? Anyone has worldwide environmental concern? Global warming, acid rain, air pollution, climate changePeople worry about how many battery left of their cell phone rather than what’s happening around themselves.

What you can fond from this blog? You can find the sustainable Fashion, Environment News, what’s happening around you that you should care and what’s my little boy played as well. I wrote about food allergy, eczema and the way of the doctor heal up my little boy. Besides, if you want to order the products from me, please fill in the form and wait for my feedback via WhatsApp or Email. All the products are NOT earning a high profits and I donate to the different charity organization sometimes.

Here are my professional area: Fashion Design. Jewelry Design. Product Development. Cause-related Marketing. Retail Business Operation.