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Reusable Red Packets

red-packetHave you ever try to save the red packets and reuse those by yourself? I did it for many years, I keep almost 99% of the red packets and reuse those in the coming yearsss. What kind of red packets that people can’t reuse easily? Those with their family name and the sealed design. If you have more than enough for yourself, you can give it away. If you need to buy, please try get from the Greener Action. Greener Action received 8.8million red packets after the Chinese New Year (CNY) on 2016 and it giveaways by 270 locations in Hong Kong before the CNY on 2017.

Greener Action is collecting the reuseable red packets from 5th Feb, 2017 to 22nd Feb,2017. For the campaign details please visit Greener Action:



After a few days wrote about the red packets wastage, i found another article about the topic by Ernest Kao from SCMP:




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