What are you eating truthfully?


My son loves bread and cake very much, I use to buy the bread for him as the snack. I thought bread should be heathy because those should make by the nature ingredients. I also thought the bread should be trustful from the branded bakery.

Oh my god, when I looked at the ingredients, a lot of the non nature ingredients can be found from the details. I thought What am I eating? What did you buy for your sweet heart? I believe that is the reason caused many children got the allergy in Hong Kong, 1 of 5 child has the allergy in Hong Kong when they were new born. Those mums were eating bread as their breakfast in Hong Kong, this is the Hong Kong usual style for those working mum to be, especially 90% women are working during they are pregnant.

Food additives play an important role in food industry in ensuring food safety, enhancing stability and taste, improving colour and appearance, and prolonging storage life to minimise food wastage. ” Centre for Food Safety, 2017. Prehaps, those food additives are important for the cooking proceed more stable and . I prefer the food ingredients can back to natural.

I recommdand all parents look at the ingredients before you make the decision to buy for your children, less Numbers should be less Food additives Or try to find a bakery in who mentioned NO Food Additives.

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2 thoughts on “What are you eating truthfully?

  1. The ingredients are so scary…….we never know we are eating the food or we are eating the chemical? Are the food suppliers killing human??


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