Social Responsibility

The Body Shop is being more Green

12The Body Shop works on the sustainability many years, many products are using the fair prices ingredients. Their commitments are enrich the people, products and planet. The Body Shop pioneered fair trade in beauty products and became the member of Ethical Trading initiative. The Body shop inception in 1989, we’ve donated over £24 million to approximately 2,700 groups across the world. Their goal is same as the other companies by 2020, they hope they can help 40k economically vulnerable people access work around the world.

The Body Shop works on the Social Responsibility deep and wide. The innovation keeps upgrade their Green strategy. I received the email by The Body Shop today, the will start the digital membership card system, customers just download their app and enjoy the member discount. That is the win-win strategy, The Body Shop can realize their promotion by the app to the customer easily. Once the customers want to buy anything, they will look around the app to found the promotion and even more powerful than the e-mail. On the other hands, customers don’t need to carry many member card when they want to buy something, the chance of the customer visit increased. It also can save the paper and plastic member card.

Cause-related marketing is very important nowadays, it can be the win-win case for many parties.

The Earth Need Your Cooperation. Thank You The Body Shop!




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