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Jollibee – This News is so touching! Good Job Jollibee!

13One man posted a father’s love message by social media, the post is regarding a family went to Jullibee, the father didn’t buy any food for himself and just looked at his daughters while they are eating the food. After the post circulated awhile, Jullibee invited this family and give them the food for free. This action maybe didn’t cause them spend or less any profit as a restaurant always prepare the food more than the sale. You may think this action just like an advertisement. However, Jullibee brought this family to the supermarket and let this family purchase the daily commodities. This is the extra money of their daily operation. Jubillbee also prepare a birthday party and gifts for his daughters. The father cried……


Parents love don’t has any limit, it can be wide and tolerate whatever rich or not. I love my family and I know I am lucky because my family live in a prosperously city. Although the Hong Konger live in a well-developed city, I hope we can care the reality social cause.

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I promise I will eat in Jollibee when I visit Philippine next time. The news is so touching, it’s not regarding profit, I can feel the love from Jollibee, the society needs this kind of businessmen. The public need the truth Cooperate Social Responsibility.


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