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Recycle the soap is helping the developing country

I read the news of the recycle soap for the developing country from, I thought it is disgusting and I don’t understand why the soap can recycle or reuse at the beginning. After I read more the news, I understand that the soap recycling is not disgusting and it can help a lot of the people in the developing country. Most of the diseases can avoid by washing hands with soap.

David Bishop established the Nonprofit Organization – Soaprecycling ( in 2011 who is the is a senior lecturer at Hong Kong University. Soaprecycling collected the soap from the hotel which is new or slightly used. the volunteers sort out the brand new soap and used soap, then the volunteers scrape the used soap to maintain the soap hygiene. After that the soap will be reshape and repacking. The soap deliver to the developing country finally.

A soap can save a life – soaprecycling mentioned thousands of children die from diseases simply by washing with soap.  Around 6 million Children die before 5 years old because by diseases every year. If they can wash their hands by soap before they eat , it save at least 50%. After I read the news from, I tried to search more information about the recycle soap, the result showed the recycle soap is not a new idea and it has been working by some non government organizations since many years.

Clean The World is another soap recycle Nonprofit Organization, Shawn Seipler (the founder of Clean The World) mentioned the soap throw away after the room has been rented even the soap is new – this is the rule of the hotel. The recycle soap is win-win method to help the reduce the wastage and helping the people in the developing country.



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