A good experience – flight with Emirates Airline

Capture 01.JPGI am the fan of Cathay Pacific originally because I flight by Cathay Pacific since I was young, that’s my childhood memory. Also, I would like to earn the point of Asiamiles for the redeem the free flight ticket too. The impression of Cathay Pacific had nice food and crew, it provided the good services during the flight and memory. However, the recent years are getting worst. Most of the foods are bad and some of the crew are unfriendly, the management are messy (that’s I read form the news). I flight with Cathay Pacific for the purpose of earn the Asiamiles. My little boy travel around with me since 11 months, we flight with Cathay Pacific mostly because of the habit. We planned to go to Bangkok on June, 2017 and I found out Emirates Airline had a low fare promotion and flight with the A380 plane. The flight schedule is not good from Hong Kong to Bangkok, the flight lands at 11:50pm, but we make the decision to flight with Emirates.

This is the first time flight with Emirates, I believe you will love this airline if you travel with your little boy or girl. After we on board, the crew were keep smiling and chatted with the children. A lot of the gifts for the children and the child meal goes with a lot of snacks. My boy said ‘Mum, I want to get on this plane next time when we travel.‘ The child marketing is very successful and those little things make the children so happy. Here are the gifts that we got from one way, we got another set of the gifts when we return to Hong Kong. The little tiger comes with a blanket, it’s not just a stuffed toy. Those books have a lot of information that you can use as teaching materiel. All the gifts can be use in the future and not just throw it away after they played.

For the adult, those little things made the passengers have a convenience time on the flight. A set of help stickers come with the headphones, passengers show their stickers for deliver the message to the crew. The headphones are using the very good quality material with nice sound effects. A lot of popular movies found from their channel. A menu provided to the passengers about the food and drinks, at least you know what are you going to eat and the food was yummy as well. I just don’t like the bread in cold, if they can reheat the beard, it will be prefect.

I am definitely will travel with Emirates Airline in the future, I hope we can get the low fare again. Here is the link of Emirates Airline, go ahead to browse the plant A380. I believe you will interesting to travel with Emirates, too.


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