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UNIQLO Lifewear

UNIQLO is realizing the fast fashion influences the environment and public should be introspection their wear attitude to save the earth. UNIQLO decided to educated the Hong Konger of the Lifewear idea, it created a short video LifeWear for Hong Kong by in 2017. The video shows the quality and function of their products, it inspires the innovation lifestyle of Hong Konger.

The video based on the Hong Konger lifestyle, UNIQLO hopes the video can show the importance of the product’s function and the simply design with the high quality standard. The video invited a few Hong Konger to present the Lifewear collection who are from different background and lifestyle.

Prehaps, it’s a marketing strategy but cause-related marketing can be a communicate tool for educate the public. It wroth than just a usual marketing by artist or advertisement in the street. Hope this can help our earth and future generations.

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Sustainable Fashion in Hong Kong

How important are the sustainable works?  ….If we are not trying to do somes sustainable works, it can be a huge problem for our next generation and world.

Just read a interview from – a new and upcoming affordable-luxury brand BTY is working together with Lane Crawford. Michelle Bang (the CEO of BYT) mentioned “Fashion has to be inherently sustainable in the future. Our hope is that we no longer have to use the word ‘sustainable’, though, in the future. We’ll just call it fashion, design or just creativity.”

Sustainable work is not limited on fashion, the envoirnment can change by your lifestyle. Let’s start to save the world.

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Photo sourced from Time Out Hong Kong