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Sustainability around you!


You can find sustainability everywhere, it’s not limited work by banks, international fashion brands or Government departments. I just realize that Nespresso works on the sustainability deeply, the sustainably source program in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan since 2003 and their goal 100% sustainably source in 2020. Nespresso managed the recycle of the capsule and keep increasing the recycle rate. They are creating an end-to-end loop for the aluminium that they use.

Sustainability is around your daily life, we need to maintain the better future for our coming generations.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

RRR3R : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


A basic principle – 3R : Reduce, Reuse ,  Recycl can help the envoirement.

Reduce: Purchase when you need

Reuse: Try the best the reuse all the products, don’t throw away when you don’t need it. you can consider donate to the homelessness or society transfer to the people who need.

Recycle: Find somewhere to collect the worthless, the worthless may be suitable recycle to be a new material or upcycling to another product.





Those wordings are always belong to the selling point of the cream for the Baby or Children, how to define 「Organic」、「Natura」and「Non-preservative」? WGO advised  a trap maybe behind those wording. Please go ahead to read the news by the below link.



Social Responsibility

Reusable Red Packets

red-packetHave you ever try to save the red packets and reuse those by yourself? I did it for many years, I keep almost 99% of the red packets and reuse those in the coming yearsss. What kind of red packets that people can’t reuse easily? Those with their family name and the sealed design. If you have more than enough for yourself, you can give it away. If you need to buy, please try get from the Greener Action. Greener Action received 8.8million red packets after the Chinese New Year (CNY) on 2016 and it giveaways by 270 locations in Hong Kong before the CNY on 2017.

Greener Action is collecting the reuseable red packets from 5th Feb, 2017 to 22nd Feb,2017. For the campaign details please visit Greener Action:



After a few days wrote about the red packets wastage, i found another article about the topic by Ernest Kao from SCMP:





Sustainable Fashion in Hong Kong

How important are the sustainable works?  ….If we are not trying to do somes sustainable works, it can be a huge problem for our next generation and world.

Just read a interview from – a new and upcoming affordable-luxury brand BTY is working together with Lane Crawford. Michelle Bang (the CEO of BYT) mentioned “Fashion has to be inherently sustainable in the future. Our hope is that we no longer have to use the word ‘sustainable’, though, in the future. We’ll just call it fashion, design or just creativity.”

Sustainable work is not limited on fashion, the envoirnment can change by your lifestyle. Let’s start to save the world.

For more information of the interview:


Photo sourced from Time Out Hong Kong